“Fiddlin’ Fred” Mayer, PhD can be heard performing with various bands and ensembles – from a two-piece combo to a chamber orchestra –throughout Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Florida.

Fred plays with various duos and trios which include guitar (Smokin’ Bill Zink, BLT, Bella Donna, Drumming with Ndakhte), as well as classical ensembles in more formal settings.

Fred earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and will compose a unique song for your wedding or special event. Typically, the requesting party supplies the basic lyrics or ideas. Fred will compose, arrange, print and perform the music at your event. Full and karaoke recordings are also possible. A minimum two months lead time is required.

Book Fiddlin' Fred Mayer and the ensembles he plays with today by visiting the Contact page.


About Fiddlegrams:

Like the “singing telegram” from days past, a FIDDLEGRAM is a short, live musical performance you can use to deliver a memorable message.

Use FIDDLEGRAMS for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, apologies, announcements or just fun!

  • As entertainment, FIDDLEGRAMS bring a musical message at a specific moment.
  • In advertising, a FIDDLEGRAM will cut through the clutter when you want someone to remember you.
  • A FIDDLEGRAM given as a ‘gift-with-purchase’ helps to lock in your customers.

FIDDLEGRAMS are affordable and include a consultation prior to the short concert at a restaurant, home, party, beach site, … or use your imagination. Prices are negotiable, based on travel, distance, time and availability, starting around $50.

Book Fiddlin' Fred Mayer for a FIDDLEGRAM today by visiting the Contact page.

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